"Sara Smith, a hard working lawyer, thought she found her true love. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake. Now she goes home at night and avoids people. Until one day her best friend forces her to go to a hockey game.
Lucas Sharp, the Captain of the Chicago Eagles, has focused on one thing, winning the Cup. It was not until a meet and greet after the game that he saw Sara.
After finally going on a few dates Lucas knows that she is hiding something, but Sara won't talk about it.
Will Lucas be able to melt away the ice on her heart and still win the Cup? Or will Sara keep her true-self frozen away from finding happiness.

My Review:    *****  I loved this book. This was a great and fast paced read. The kind you can't put down. The author had me at hello Lucas. A very swoon worthy hockey playing hunk! I loved the characters, especially Sara and her best friend Rachel. I felt the pain of Sara's plight and the thick as thieves type friendship of Sara and Rachel.I loved how strong Rachel was and how well the friends complimented each other. Lucas can definitely melt away the ice around my heart. This is a hot romance with the one element I am totally down for, that true love conquers all. I loved this book and will be adding to my print copy collection.



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Author Bio:
Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois but is currently living in West Virginia with her amazing husband. Mary never misses a Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears or a Chicago Bulls game. She loves her sports. Mary never goes anywhere without her Kindle, her laptop or a book in hand. If you can’t find her reading than she is reviewing books on her site, which she co-founded, Book Nerds Across America.

Author Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMarySmith?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maryms1980

Website: http://authormarysmith.blogspot.com/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7082565.Mary_Smith

I caught up with Mary and talked her into answering my top 10 questions. Check it out.........

1. Who made your beautiful cover? Brandy Dull from Nevermore Press

2. Where do you get your book ideas? I get them from life experiences and of course, hot hockey guys *wink*

3. What is your favorite hobby besides writing? I love, love, love to read !!! 

4.What is your #1 pet peeve? My husband cannot throw away a milk carton .. drives me insane!

5. What are your two favorite movies? Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice 

6.Where is one place in the world you would really love to visit and why? Paris. I've never been and it looks so beautiful 

7. What's your favorite restaurant? Currently its Chili's, I have been on a nachos kick! 

8.What is your favorite song right now? I'll Follow You by Shinedown

9. If your book was made into a movie, who would play the lead role? I would pray that Patrick Sharp would ... but since he isn't an actor, I'm not sure. 

10. What is one tip you would give new authors? You might faint when you hit publish, but its worth it!

Thanks Mary, for the awesome interview.

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I absolutely love the covers and can't wait to read The Sweet Series!
-About the Authors-

Bailey Ardisone is a collaboration between two sisters who were born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. They combined their creative forces to write the first book in their series, called Sweet Oblivion. Though the name Bailey Ardisone applies to both of them, for the sake of answering questions they will each take on one of the names to make things easier.

The older sister of the two in Bailey Ardisone, has always loved getting lost in books, movies, music, and art. Fantasy is her favorite genre. She gets her love of words from their grandmother who together used to write poems, short stories and even greeting cards. Her biggest goal would be to travel and explore the world. She loves going to the beach, enjoys football Sundays, and spending time with friends and family.

The younger sister of the two in Bailey Ardisone, has always held a strong love for anything art related. Whether it be drawing, music, or constantly day-dreaming, her mind never stops imagining wonderful stories and possibilities. She finally got to put some of those ideas to use with her new found love of writing novels. Some other things she is forever obsessed with are Japanese Anime and Manga, animals, traveling, her home city of Chicago and anything in miniature form. One thing she can never get enough of is sleeping/taking naps and sour skittles.

Facebook Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

-About Sweet Oblivion-

Sweet Oblivion received a MAKEOVER! We truly hope you enjoy the new cover art!

When two worlds collide, nightmares become reality. And some secrets...are best kept in Oblivion.
...Until there is hope.

Have you ever wanted to forget? Nariella Woodlinn has. Many times. Especially when her already frustrating life gets turned upside down by a mysterious boy who randomly shows up in her small town. And she can’t seem to understand anything about him, despite how much she tries.

​ Nari hates everything about her life, except for her best friend Rydan, but now that they’ve been separated during their senior year of high school, she has to learn to make new friends without him. When strange, unexplainable phenomena start becoming an every day part of her life, Nari struggles to come to grips with reality. And with love.


Naminé has responsibilities. Duties. It is her obligation to fulfill all that is asked of her by their King. But when a glimmer of hope is introduced to her by a prisoner she tends to, it means life or death for her and her people. She does all that she can to turn that hope into reality, and finally end the vicious war that has been ensuing since she was born. Even if that means keeping it secret from her King. Even if it means carrying out the biggest betrayal against the King ever seen during her time.

​She has hope. She will fulfill her duty. She will not let her people down.



I suddenly felt anxious, excited even, at the prospect of laying eyes on Mycah again. On being enveloped in his woodsy scent. The way my soul felt complete and whole again only his presence alone could accomplish. ...Were we really just friends?

And then there he was.

As I took the last stair, his eyes found mine from the "Greeting Room" he quietly sat in, drinking from an antique teacup.

He watched me carefully as he slowly put the cup to his alluring lips and took a sip. My heart danced wildly in my chest with every step I took, drawing closer and closer.

I waved at him, not able to speak just yet.

“Morning, beautiful,” he whispered. His English accent made the words sound musical. Or maybe it was his silky voice that did it. Or it could have been the combination of the two, I really didn’t know. Either way, my stomach did a flip.

And then I thought, it must have been the way he was looking at me, not even trying to hide the desire that flooded his aqua eyes as soon as they locked onto mine.

The sun played with his eyes, bringing out the unique colors and making them more vivid. Even though he was lit up by the streaming sun that shone brightly through the large bay window, he never looked more dangerous.

And he never looked more sexy.

Well, that could be debatable.

I mean, if you wanted to count the time he was dripping wet and practically naked, well then, one really couldn’t say.

But this moment was definitely a top contender for first place.

He stood up, keeping perfect posture and foreign demeanor exquisitely intact, and came over to me.

“You alright?” he asked, lips pulling up in a side smile. I nodded, half hating the spell he always put me under, half totally loving it.

He reached out and slowly slid his hand into mine, intertwining our fingers together and pulling me toward the front door. He chuckled and slightly shook his head at the ground.

Published: December 30, 2012

The Sweet Series, Book One

Fan art provided by Megan Elliott

Grab your copy everywhere ebooks are sold! Also available in paperback through Amazon.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

And now....for the second book in the Sweet Series, we present: Sweet Escape!

-About Sweet Escape-

Life will never be the same for Nariella Woodlinn. Just when she thought she had it all figured out, her world comes crumbling down around her - yet again. She has no idea who she is. She has no idea where she came from.

She once thought her biggest problems were ones brought on by the mysterious man she had refused to fall in love with...Mycah. But she quickly discovers none of that compares to what she is about to encounter next.

This time, it isn't because of who Mycah is.

This time, it's because of who she is.

~Naminé risked everything to save her people. Her goal was to bring their only hope back to their Kingdom. As the war rages on, Naminé gets thrown right into the lion's den - the false King's chambers. Forced to do his bidding, can she prevent the downfall of the only hope she worked so hard to bring home?

...Can any of them Escape?



I laid mesmerized from the position on my back, staring up at the cloudless sky. It was as blue as a Robin’s egg. If not more blue. The sun shown extremely bright, but the rays did not scorch my skin. The air was comfortable. Very comfortable. It was the perfect temperature. Warm, without being too warm, and no humidity.

I did not move.

I was afraid to move in case this was all just a dream, and any slight stir would make it vanish, throwing me back into tormented reality. It must be a dream, right? Clearly, I had busted my head against the tree trunk and knocked myself out...And I was only imagining this while Zaylie, I was sure, was worried and trying to wake me up.


I could feel the grass beneath me. Soft, lush, exquisite. As if I laid against the perfect bed made just for me. I was Goldilocks and it was just right.

A colorful bird soared above me. But as it descended closer, obscuring my view of the sky, I realized it was not actually a bird at all. It was the strangest butterfly I had ever seen. Its wings were a rainbow of colors - and it was huge. Bird-like huge.

But I didn’t feel frightened or grossed out like I usually did by insects. This was different. It felt different here. The butterfly flapped its wings so gently and effortlessly. I numbly reached up while it landed weightlessly on my fingers.

The moment it touched me and started cleaning its antennae, even though I could barely feel it on me, I got the striking feeling that this was real. Very real. I quickly sat up, causing the vivid butterfly to take flight again, and gazed around the beauteous expanse encircling me.

Coming July 25th, 2013!

In celebration of the new cover and the up-coming release of Sweet Escape, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Sweet Oblivion is now on SALE! Get started on The Sweet Series by reading the first book, Sweet Oblivion, now only 99¢!

In book two of the Serenity Series, the love story between Madison and Landon continues to grow and intensify. All Merfolk have been summoned to solve a problem in the Red Sea. As the fury intensifies deeper in the sea; so does the depths of their feelings.  The raging water and raging hormones could make for dangerous waves. Will Landon survive the danger of the evil in the world? Will their raging hormones soar high above the stormy seas? Expected release date Sept. 2013


Today I am being featured on Authors Helping Authors blog spot! http://www.authorbloggerexchange.com/taylorlakke/
I am so excited for this feature. Authors Helping Authors is a great new group on Facebook where authors come together to get questions answered and help each other out in their endeavors. It is a very friendly and open group with some great authors participating.  You can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/authorsHA/
What are you waiting for? You could be next...........

To celebrate my Feature I am giving away a signed copy of my book on their site at

        Sending waves of affection to all of you.

This cover reveal is for debut author, Mary Smith.  The book will be released July 1, 2013. I am so excited for this book!


Melting Away the Ice
Sara Smith, a hardworking lawyer, thought she found her true love. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake.  Now she goes home alone at night and avoids people. Until one day her best friend forces her to go to a hockey game. Lucas Sharp, the Captain of the Chicago Eagles, has focused on one thing, winning the Cup.  It was not until a meet and greet after a game that he saw Sara. After finally going in a few dates Lucas knows that she is hiding something, but Sara wouldn't talk about it. Will Lucas be able to melt away the ice on her heart and still win the Cup? Or will Sara keep her true-self frozen away from finding happiness?
**This is an adult book with adult content**
Cover design: Bailey Ardisone


Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois but is currently living in West Virginia with her amazing husband.  Mary never misses a Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears or a Chicago Bulls game.  She loves her sports.  Mary never goes anywhere without her Kindle, her laptop or a book in hand. If you can’t find her reading than she is reviewing books on her site, which she co-founded, Book Nerds Across America.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/maryms1980
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMarySmith?ref=hl
Author site: http://authormarysmith.blogspot.com/
Review site: www.booknerdsacrossamerica.com 

Add To Be Read on Goodreads and become a fan of Mary below:


                                             Expected Release Date: August 2013

Book Blurb:
Through The Eyes Of Love
The love between Isabella and Logan intensifies.

Isabella, Logan and Cheveyo unite in their quest to seek out others who have become prisoners of fear after visiting the Petroglyphs.

They become captivated by a little boy. Having to see things through the eyes of a child changes everything. Will they unveil the clandestine significance of the spirit who chose the child in time?
About the author:
Jenna Roads
YA/ New Adult Paranormal Romance Author 
I am a Registered Nurse who is now devoting my time to writing fiction, reading, making scrapbooks, taking pictures, traveling and enjoying family and friends. I am a mother of two. When I'm not writing, I'm dreaming up characters for my next book. I love cotton nighties and comfortable shoes. My dream is to one day have an island of my very own where I can hold up there and write until my hearts content.

Stalk her here:










Would like to give a special "SHOUT OUT" to Christina Condy for adopting me as her author and conducting a special event for a week on her Blog!!!  We have three winners from the Special Event:  Tina Conner Myers, Susan Smith-Josephy and the Grand Prize Winner Jenna Roads!   Thanks to all of you for participating.  Thanks to all who have purchased my book and giving a review.
Christina Cody has adopted me as her author this month.  She is hosting a special event with many prizes and much fun.  The event is from March 6 - March 13.  Please come by and visit.  http://www.recentread.com/2013/03/special-event.html
Today there were 3 winners at our event from 4-5 today.  Congratulations to Michelle Wise who won an Autographed "A Heart for the Ocean" for the like game.  We had two amazing winners for Bingo:  Lori Rattay and Kristin Mckittrick.  They each won a coffee mug.  Thanks to everyone who participated.   We all had a blast!



    I was raised in the South but have lived in many places around the United States. Reading is my favorite hobby and has been since I was a little girl. Just started writing and am finding pure joy, it is something I was born to do. I love the ocean: swimming, snorkeling, sailing and boating. My secret ambition is to be a professional golfer. Travel is another passion I have.  I like to chew gum and wear a baseball cap when I write.  By day I am a Facility Director in Healthcare and in the wee hours of the night I am living my dream of writing books.



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